Winner New Talent Award

The winner of the New Talent Award at SciCADE 2015 is:
Dr. Lukas Einkemmer,
Universität Innsbruck (Austria)

The New Talent Award recognises outstanding papers in a field that is covered by the SciCADE conference. Candidates must be under 35 years old and must not have completed their PhD more than 4 years ago.

Past Winners of the New Talent Award:

  • 1997 Antonella Zanna and Anne Aubry
  • 1999 Nicola Guglielmi and Grant Lythe
  • 2001 Matthew West
  • 2003 Tobias Jahnke
  • 2005 Assyr Abdulle
  • 2007 Melvin Leok
  • 2009 Daan Huybrechs
  • 2011 Takaharu Yaguchi
  • 2013 Ludwig Gauckler