General Information

The conference takes place in Building 6 at the Griebnitzsee Campus of the University of Potsdam (see Figure 1). The station closest to the venue is Bhf. Griebnitzsee, which can be reached via S-Bahn (S7 runs every 10 Minutes from Berlin and also from Potsdam Main Station) and some regional trains.
The journey planer can be used to plan your travel.

Each participant receives luncheon vouchers as part of the registration package. These vouchers allow you to pick a meal from at least three choices or a salad from the salad bar in the student dining hall called Mensa. One drink of your choosing is also included in the daily voucher. Please hand your voucher to the cashier. The Mensa is located in the conference building only a few meters away from the lecture hall H05. There will be a vegetarian option.

Figure 1. The conference takes place in Building 6. The S-Bahn Station Bhf. Griebnitzsee is within five minutes walking distance.

Social events
We have planned an Icebreaker right after the Dahlquist prize lecture on Monday evening.

The conference dinner boat trip will take place on Wednesday evening. The boat is chartered to leave at 6 PM and to return to the landing stage around 9 PM. The official name of the landing stage is Lange Brücke and is within walking distance of the Potsdam main station (see Figure 2). Please make sure you arrive early as the landing stage is a bit tricky to find. Please also don't forget to bring your voucher, which is part of your registration packages.

Using public transportation Please note that your name tag gives you free access to all means of public transportation in Potsdam and Berlin for the period September 14th to 18th. You should carry your name tag with you at all times. (You don't need to display it though.)

Figure 2.The red dot marks the landing stage Lange Brücke from which the boat will depart. The landing stage is 15 minutes walking distance to the S-Bahn Station Potsdam Hauptbahnhof, marked in green on the map. Please plan a bit of extra time as the shortest path is not entirely trivial to find.