Winner Butcher Prize

The winner of the John Butcher Prize at SciCADE 2015 is
David Hipp,
Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (Germany).

The John Butcher Prize in Numerical Analysis was established to recognize John Butcher's long and productive career in numerical analysis, and in particular in the numerical solution of ordinary differential equations. He is well known in the international community for his contributions in this area.

In 1966, John was appointed Professor of Mathematics and Head of the Mathematics department at the University of Auckland, New Zealand. Apart from a period of ten years as inaugural Professor of the Computer Science department, he has been associated with the Auckland Mathematics department ever since.

In keeping with John's consistent encouragement of students, the award is for the best student talk at SciCADE. In particular, considering both the academic merit of the content and the presentation itself.

The John Butcher Prize in Numerical Analysis and the associated funds are administered by the New Zealand branch of ANZIAM.

Past Winners of the John Butcher Prize:

  • 2005 Tatiana Márquez-Lago
  • 2007 Thomas Schmelzer, Anders Hansen
  • 2009 Ludwig Gauckler
  • 2011 Mohammad Shakourifar
  • 2013 Yuto Miyatake